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The Financial Crunch – The Reality has come to many!

It is a crazy world we live in, where I see so many people living beyond their income. Almost everyone is driving a Range Rover, BMW, or Mercedes Benz, and living their best lives in a 3000+ square foot home, showing off their wealth, which they do not have in hindsight. Ever since the beginning of this economic recession, those realities of living beyond their means are coming to fruition. Many people are now registering to the food bank or kiting between credit cards. I, for one, am shocked that many people register with a food bank yet live in high-end homes with multiple vehicles in their driveways. They are showing and wearing their investments with no food in the cupboards. Maybe it is time for them to look at their lifestyles and do a little reflection. I truly thank the Lord for placing humility in my heart, and all we can do is pray for these individuals and families and hope they understand that it may be time to let go of the high-end lifestyle and settle down.

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