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Love One Another

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The crazy attacks and shootings have plagued all of North America. With politicians and communities demanding reform and changes in the jurisdictional system and having just watched the news seeing terrible events of a woman being set on fire by some stranger and an older woman being beaten down in broad daylight at a subway station. We all need to be extra vigilant. It is funny, as I never knew I would see the day I refused to leave the house, as I am concerned about everyone around me at the malls or on the train commuting. I tell my partner to be vigilant and watch her surroundings. It is truly a sad state of affairs the world is in, but this is where our faith has to push through the darkness; we need to be peacemakers and love one another. It is critical, but I have faith and hope that we can overcome this madness and show love and emotion to rise beyond all this evilness.

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