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Diversity in the Workplace

“Diversity within the workplace creates new conflicts between management politics and people's values being embraced and integrated into society. We are truly blessed to live in a country such as Canada that respects everyone's values, rights, ethnicity, faith, and diversity.”

Always remember that the teachings in the Bible have impacted generations in the past, present, and future. Sometimes it seems that Christians today face challenges unique to their generation, emphasizing personal experiences, beliefs, and values. At the specific time of struggle in your workplace, please take that moment to pray to the Lord as he will take your yoke and burdens off your heart and body.

These are the areas of refuge we all need to seek, as we cannot leave it to man to win our battles but to the Lord to be triumphant in our life. Through the lens of our Christian faith, we need to support one another and create a place of refuge and sanctuary.

So don't be shy to call/text/email your friend and find out how they are doing, cause as the Bible says, where two or more people are gathered, the Lord is presently waiting to take your concerns and pains away.

May you be blessed.

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